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Events for Social Change

Inspired Events helps foundations, non-profits and social enterprises produce inspiring events that wow their constituents, advance their mission, and reduce the stress of planning an event! Contact Jenna at jenna@inspiredevents.info to ask how Inspired Events can help with your fundraisers, conferences and events for social change.


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Jenna Carlsson
(925) 984-1821

North Bay Hootenanny

Creating a vibrant music community in the North Bay
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We are a North Bay non-profit that provides opportunities for artists and enhances public appreciation of music.

We team up many artists and businesses to present accessible events. Two of our main events are the Railroad Square Music Festival and the Next Level Showcase & Conference.  We team up many artists and businesses to present accessible events. Two of our main events are the Railroad Square Music Festival and the Next Level Showcase & Conference.  We team up many artists and businesses to present accessible events. Two of our main events are the Railroad Square Music Festival and the Next Level Showcase & Conference.

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Josh Windmiller
Santa Rosa

Hempstead Project HEART (Hemp Energies Alternative Resource Technologies)

We elevate public consciousness about the urgency to return hemp farming to our state and nation
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“Our attitude is it's time to create an alternative green economy built and designed around hemp. This is going to take an infusion of the energy of clear thinking, common sense and responsibility. We encourage people to look and see for themselves the history, facts, and realities of hemp as a renewable resource. We ask that people consider re-establishing our ancestral relationship to hemp as a part of our living reality. Use this energy of the past as energy for the future. We encourage anyone interested in the hemp alternative to spread that interest around.” John Trudell (co-founder of HPH)

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Linda Delair

Community Resilience Challenge (Daily Acts)

Community Resilience Challenge
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The Community Resilience Challenge is our chance to show the world that our daily actions matter and that WE are part of the solution. From mid-March through the end of May each year, our community comes together to accomplish awe-inspiring feats of sustainability, which tell the story of community resilience and paints a picture of our movement. YOU can play a vital role in this story’s success and participation is easy. Just visit our website and register your commitment to take action (we’ve even created a suggested list of actions to choose from, or you can create your own!). By joining the Challenge, not only are you helping to grow the movement, but you get great incentives and coupons just for signing up. There’s never been a better time to Stand Up and Be Counted!

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Susan Price

Strozzi Institute

We develop the human resources for a sustainable world.
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Our mission is to develop leaders and organizations who embody pragmatic wisdom, skillful action and grounded compassion; and who use conflict as a generative force.  Strozzi Institute is the original architect of Embodied Leadership – a unique approach that combines the latest in neuroscience, holistic practice, action-oriented communication and mindfulness. It is a 45 year old, groundbreaking methodology that produces sustainable results.  Our definition of transformation, or embodied change, is that we can take new actions aligned with our vision and values, even under the same old pressures.  This is what we see is called for from today's sustainability leaders, given the innovations that are needed in our times. Our commitment is to leave the world more vital than we found it, through empowering leaders and organizations that are committed to a sustainable future for all life.

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Karen Short

Second Octave

Music. Community. Experience.
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The team at Second Octave are committed to promoting high end quality events, outdoor concerts and festivals in the North Bay with shows for all ages in a safe environment that supports local creativity, collaboration and commerce. Each SOMO Concerts event is a mini-festival with local artists, vendors, food and more. The SOMO Concert Series is managed by high-level music executives working alongside Sonoma County young professionals to create  a regional destination and home base for great musical experiences.

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Bryce Dow-Williamson
Rohnert Park

Sustainable World Coalition

We provide programs and materials to clarify the big picture with sustainability — issues and solutions
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We publish the Sustainable World Sourcebook, an award-winning, magazine-style summary of the big issues, best solutions, and actions to take. We also host online programs and events. Our recent initiative, Planet Earth Arts, uses eco-arts to foster inspiration and engagement (planeteartharts.org).  

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Vinit Allen
Hidden Valley Lake

Lagunitas Brewing Co

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The Lagunitas Brewing Company is a brewery founded in 1993 in Lagunitas, California. The brewery is known for iconoclastic interpretations of traditional beer styles, and irreverent descriptive text and stories on its packaging. The company was the fifth top selling craft brewery in the US in 2014. Lagunitas TapRooms are located at their breweries and always have great food, exclusive beers, and daily live music. Stop by their Schwag shop to RSVP for tasting tours.


Internet + Phone
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Sonic provides the most reliable Internet + Phone service in the industry. Founded in Santa Rosa more than 20 years ago, Sonic is beloved by customers for our personal customer service, great technical products and fair prices. In addition to servicing residential customers throughout the state of California, Sonic provides Internet + Phone services for companies such as Amy's Kitchen, Friedman's Home Improvement, Uber and the Golden State Warriors.

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Allison Hernandez
Santa Rosa

Schools of Sustainability

Working with youth to inspire and strengthen sustainability in education locally and around the world.

What should we be educating about for the future?

SOS is an organization devoted to exploring this question and how it pertains to our ability to sustain ourselves on this planet. We are making a feature length documentary film, offering sustainability/filmmaking workshops and curriculum to schools, and creating a sustainability-themed youth-based social network for kids to share their ideas and visions for the future of the planet.

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Marika Ramsden

Create Peace Project

Empowering Youth Through Creative Collaboration - Peace Building Through Art
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Create Peace Project (CPP) raises the voices and visions of youth to stand for an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spirtually fulfilling human presence on the planet.  An innovative, cutting-edge program, CPP has empowered 40,000 young people from 50 countries through creative collaboration to become peace leaders.  The Singing Tree Project is one of its signature programs.

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Laurie Marshall


Someday, the whole world will run on sunshine. But first, your home will.
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We’re in it for you and for a better planet.

Everyone at Sungevity is working toward the same thing: helping make your community, and the global community, better through affordable residential solar power. We’re proud to be certified as a B Corporation, a further commitment that ensures we consider the environmental and social implications of everything we do.

On Time Social

Social media marketing for sustainable businesses.
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Does social media for your business overwhelm you? On Time Social is a social media marketing agency devoted to helping mid-sized businesses who are doing good things in the world - whether it is saving the planet or providing services to our community. We help you gain followers and create engaging content so that you can spend more time on your mission. We also assist change oriented entrepreneurs who need social media coaching and help with strategy for their social media platforms. We are a women owned business and support entrepreneurship amoung young women in our local community. If you are interested in scheduling a free social media consultation, please click on this link: http://www.meetme.so/JulaPereira. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Jula Pereira

Bioregional One Planet Living

Integrated sustainability strategy
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Bioregional is an award-winning social enterprise head-quartered in London.  Having developed the BedZED eco-village in south London, Bioregional created the One Planet Living framework which is being used around the world to help companies, cities and communities create integrated sustainability strategies using the 10 One Planet Principles. One example is SOMO Village. 

Contact Information
Pooran Desai
+44 7903 589503

Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin, Inc.

SFGoodwill is a leader in diverting textiles and other materials from local landfills.
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Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin (SFGoodwill) is a non-profit social enterprise, whose mission is to train and place local residents with signifcant barriers to employment in relevant jobs.  In the U.S., 85% of textiles end up in landfill, and in San Francisco, 4,500 lbs. of textiles enter landfills every hour of every day, which equals 39 million pounds on an annual basis.  SFGoodwill receives millions of items and materials generously donated by the residents and businesses in our region.  We divert them from local landfills, giving them a second life through sales in Goodwill stores, ReCompute and eCommerce businesses.  The revenue generated in sales funded SFGoodwill’s job training and placement programs for people ready to transform their lives through the power of work.

Contact Information
Linda Pratt, M.B.A.
San Francisco


Accelerate Your Sustainability Impact
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REV provides education and tools that integrate the best of sustainability with behavior change to accelerate business impact for a variety of companies and organizations.

Our Sustainability Circle® program empowers you to embed sustainable practices in your organization with a customized 5-year Sustainability Action Plan.

Contact Information
Carrie Staller
San Francisco


Sonoma-USA creates unique and useful upcycled products out of recovered materials diverted from local landfills.
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Sonoma-USA is a new consumer brand for sustainable, locally manufactured products made from recovered and recycled materials diverted from landfills.

At Sonoma-USA we live and breathe the innovative culture and spirit of sustainability in Sonoma County and are dedicated to preserving our beautiful rolling hills and vineyards by preventing growing mountains of trash. We work with local businesses and individuals to divert materials from the landfill and transform them into stylish and useful products. Every product we design and create is unique and evokes the material’s previous purpose.

When customers purchase a Sonoma-USA product they help prevent waste from going to the landfills while also supporting our local workforce and the awesome local charities we partner with.

Contact Information
Steffen Kuehr, Founder/CEO
Santa Rosa

Sonoma County Growers Alliance

Educate, collaborate and advocate for the responsible development of a regulated cannabis industry.
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The mission of SCGA is to educate, collaborate, advocate cannabis patients, cultivators and the community.

SCGA works cooperatively with all individuals, businesses, and regulatory bodies to ensure that reasonable environmental, social and economic standards are set in place, helping cultivators within the community to participate and thrive responsibly.

Contact Information
Tawnie Logan
(707) 861-0050

SuperCool Systems

SuperCool Pods are environmentally friendly through their use of recycled water and solar panels.

Cannabis cultivation requires a lot of water.  In comparison to grape vines for example, which can be dry-farmed after establishing themselves, Cannabis plants need daily feedings of water (outdoor plants much more than indoor plants).  Given the California drought does not seem to be ending anytime soon, regulators and interest groups need to consider how the new Cannabis regulations and potential recreational use of Cannabis will effect water usage.

In addition, the strain on the power grid from indoor cultivation has been documented.  As more large-scale indoor farms come on-line, the community needs to discuss clean sources of power, to offset the enormous rate of energy indoor cultivation demands.

Contact Information
Jason Snyder
santa rosa

Ryan Business Design

Helping visionaries create viable businesses
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As a Santa Rosa area business coach and the owner of Ryan Business Design, I have spent the last thirteen years helping visionary business owners achieve greater income, make a bigger impact and attain professional success.

My personal and diverse experiences in business—in both large and small settings—have shaped the ways that I support others as a coach today. I learned firsthand what it takes to be self-employed over the course of 15 years as the co-owner of a landscape company known for its commitment to sustainable practices.

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Roberta Ryan

SONOMA Food Runners

To help alleviate local hunger.
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SONOMA Food Runners picks ups and delivers surplus food from caterers, farms, food producers, restaurants, markets, hotels, corporate cafeterias, bakeries, events, and hospitals to  food programs dedicated to feeding our local hungry. We are 100% volunteer run.

Contact Information
June Michaels
Santa Rosa

East Bay Municipal Utility District

To manage the natural resources with which the District is entrusted; to provide reliable, high quality water and wastewater services at fair and reasonable rates for the people of the East Bay; and to preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

Strategic Energy Innovations

Helping Communities Embrace Sustainability
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Founded in 1997, Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) is a non-profit that develops and delivers solutions customized to help communities accomplish their sustainability goals.  As we support our clients to reduce their consumption of natural resources, we also help them save money.  SEI’s creative team of problem solvers encourages communities to adopt clean and efficient energy technologies and practices, while we facilitate valuable training people need to find work in the green economy.

Home Energy Renovation Opportunity

HERO is the #1 energy efficiency financing program in the United States.
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HERO Financing is available for a wide array of home energy and water efficient products and renewable energy systems. With new products being added every day you are sure to find the right ones for your home energy project. If your product is not listed just give us a call to see if it meets the requirements for HERO Financing.

Natural Investments

Socially Responsible Sustainable Impact Investing
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Contact Information
Christopher Peck

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Carbon Pricing
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Building political will for a livable world, Citizens' Climate Lobby trains citizens to use our democratic process to build support for a carbon price. We advocate a revenue neutral, predictably rising fee on carbon based fuels, imposed at their point of entry into the economy, with full return of the proceeds to households along with border carbon duties to engage other nations in harmonizing their own carbon pricing. Models show economic growth and faster emissions reductions than any other plan. Organization growth has been meteoric over the past 5 years. 

Contact Information
peter joseph
San Anselmo

Jackson Family Wines

Crafting high-quality wines with distinct characteristics, sourced from premier coastal vineyards

Jackson Family Wines is a family-owned company head quartered in Santa Rosa, California that crafts award-winning wines of distinct character and quality. With a focus on sustainable viticulture practices, responsible vineyard and natural resource management and unparalleled winemaking, the family's portfolio comprises more than 30 renowned wineries. In addition to its acclaimed California producers, JFW includes fine wines from France, Chile, Italy and Australia. Founded in 1982 by wine pioneer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Jess Jackson, JFW and its various wineries are led by chairman & proprietor Barbara Banke and the Jackson family. Learn more online at www.jacksonfamilywines.com.

Contact Information
Julien Gervreau
Santa Rosa

New Resource Bank

New Resource Bank is the bank for businesses and organizations building a better world.
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New Resource Bank is the  bank for businesses and organizations building a better world. We advance sustainability with everything we do: the loans we make, the way we operate and our commitment to using deposits for good.  Our deep expertise and powerful network of values-driven companies and organizations work to transform banking and create a better world.

Contact Information
Stephanie Meade
San Francisco

Solar Works

We provide energy efficient solutions that conserve natural resources and promote individual and community self-reliance
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Solar Works is a full-service, licensed solar contractor, providing high quality solar systems for home, business and community. We offer expert inhouse design and installation, extraordinary customer service, and the best warranty service in the solar industry. We have been in business since 1986 and are a Certified B Corporation.

Solar Works gives people the power to make a difference. As Sonoma County’s longest-established solar provider, Solar Works helps homeowners, businesses and communities become more self-reliant by meeting their energy needs efficiently, effectively and in ways that are good for the planet. We are a local employer, active in our community, and dedicated to social and economic justice and a healthy environment.

Contact Information
Laura Goldman

Center for Climate Protection

Working with business, government, youth and community leaders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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The Center for Climate Protection creates model programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for communities everywhere.

The mission of the Center for Climate Protection is to inspire, align, and mobilize action in response to the climate crisis. We work with business, government, youth and the broader community to advance practical, science-based solutions for significant greenhouse gas emission reductions.

The Center for Climate Protection constantly seeks solutions commensurate with the scale of the problem. Although it is important for individuals to take action like changing their light bulbs, we need solutions for change at the speed and scale required by science. Our strategic approach is to help implement policies and incentives that make it easier for everyone to do the right thing.

We know that local action can move the world. By creating model programs in communities that are willing to be pioneers, we are spreading solutions that can make a major impact on global climate change.



Contact Information
Ann Hancock, Executive Director
Santa Rosa
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