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Natural Investments LLC


Natural Investments LLC has been at the forefront of the socially responsible investment world for over 20 years. We literally wrote the book (books really) on socially responsible investing: Investing From the Heart in 1992 and Investing with your Values in 2000. For seventeen years, we've published the only rating system that monitors the social performance of mutual funds, the NI Social RatingSM .

Natural Investments is a national portfolio management firm, with six offices throughout the West. We're an innovative, client-focused company, with a high level of personal attention and individualized service. We combine our progressive passion with fiscal prudence.

As an independent investment adviser registered with the SEC, we work on a fee-only basis. With no commissions and no allegiance to large financial services companies, we have no conflicts of interest; our interest is in giving you the best possible advice for your situation.

We walk our talk and live our progressive passions. We volunteer in our communities. We donate a portion of our income to progressive non-profits. And most important: we invest in the same ways that we suggest for you, so we bring special rigor to every decision.


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