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Michaels Green Upholstery

Michael’s Custom Built Inc. is a progressive upholstery shop, We build
new furniture and Reupholster, Recycle, Restyle, Reduce, Reuse, Redesign,
Recover and Redecorate your Residence and Commercial offices, hotel, wineries
and restaurants. We have the resources to make any upholstered piece more earth
friendly. We carry unique natural fiber fillers and fabrics such as silk, wool,
cork, linen, and cotton.

Michael’s offers clients an environmentally conscience product without
compromising on design or style. Either a new piece of furniture or the reworking
of an old treasured piece we are committed meeting every client’s individual
needs and desires.

In the past few years Michael’s has researched and located sources
from around the world to supply us with natural and organic materials for our
Green Furniture clients.

When creating a piece of new environmentally friendly furniture we use
organic cotton and hemp for our batting, ticking, and webbing. Our frames are
made from recycled wood or F.S.C. (Forest Steward Council) certified wood. We
use low V.O.C. glues and adhesives and latex rubber.

In our small way we feel
proud that we are encouraging the reduction of furniture waste in our
overcrowded landfills. By reupholstering furniture and building new furniture
using the most renewable resources we are helping to protect our soil, water,
and air.


ECOrecruiters is a small management through executive-level recruiting firm based in Santa Rosa, Ca and we have been matching passionate people with sustainability-focused companies in the North Bay and nationally since 1999.

We know that individuals, non-profit organizations and governments alone can’t address the many challenges facing the environment. Companies, both public and privately owned, must be involved in the process, and to do so, they need the right team members. ECOrecruiters helps companies with green strategies make the best hires to increase their competitiveness. With every candidate we help place, we help others who contribute to the protection of the environment. It feels great to be a part of that commitment and to see our efforts multiplied.

  • A percentage of every search fee is donated to various environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare charities
  • GreenAmerica Green Business Seal of Approval
  • Excellent track record of success and integrity. Client references provided upon request and please see "Testimonials" on our website.

ECOrecruiters is proud to be a part of the Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2010.

* Mention that you found us through the Sustainable Enterprise Conference, and we will take 20% off our fee for our first project with your company/organization*

SSU School of Extended Education

Our Vision

The School of Extended Education is a 21st century organization dedicated to serving diverse learners by providing access to Sonoma State University's intellectual, cultural, and educational resources.

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Extended Education is to support and complement the overarching institutional goals of Sonoma State University. The rapidly changing educational needs of lifelong learners has focused the mission of Extended Education on three critical elements:

1) develop sustainable infrastructure and relevant inventory of programs that will serve and support the needs of the diverse SSU student population;
2) enhance collaborative relationships with the local communities, the region, and internationally to foster educational, social, cultural, and economic development; and

3) provide essential services to extended education students and our academic partners.

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