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Greg Zirbel

NeatTweets - Owner/Artist providing souvenirs of the wine county

I was born the same year as Rohnert Park, March 6, 1962, at Lake Merritt Hospital in Oakland, CA.  When I was just two weeks old, my parents, my two older brothers & me in tow, moved up the hill to High Street behind historic downtown Truckee so my father could manage the new Safeway store.  Two years later we moved to the Gateway area of Truckee where we had 29 kids growing up on just our one short street. Counting around the block doubled that number.  We could run to any of the three schools in under five minutes.  After tons of fun I graduated in 1980 then moved to Phoenix to attend Arizona Automotive Institute.

The summer of 1981 turned out to be the hottest on record in Phoenix; just what one needs coming from the coldest & snowiest area in the U.S.  It was too hot to sit by the pool at 118 degrees everyday as the concrete felt like a ring of fire.  I stayed indoors where it was cool and became a straight “A” auto mechanic.  I then moved to San Diego for a year and took on the tire shop manager position for City Chevrolet in front of Mission Bay.  Money and living conditions were sub par so I moved up to Santa Rosa where family and skiing were closer.  

Through the Santa Rosa Junior College job placement program I landed a driving job with UPS where I worked for a dozen years in Santa Rosa.  I moved on and spent the next 16 years working as a Telephone Technical Support Specialist, Systems Test Specialist, Network Engineer, Systems Administrator, Systems Administrator II, and finally a Senior Technical Support Specialist from 1994-2010.  Along the way I've never been without my camera. 

I guess I’ve been hooked on photography since 1976, and four years later I took nearly 50% of our yearbook photos for Tahoe Truckee High School.  In 1992 I ran into what used to be the largest pig farm in Sonoma County which was off Railroad Avenue in Cotati.  I built about 350 bird houses from that lumber, many resembling historical buildings in the Sonoma County area.  Most people who see them agree that they may just be the most beautiful birdhouses they've ever seen.  

For a deeper look at some of my collection, please visit  I do have a studio for show by appointment. 

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