The 2020 Sustainable Enterprise Conference will be May 7, 2020 at SOMO Village.

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Stephanie Copp

Spring 2011, Planning & Economics BA graduate

I have lived in Sonoma County for the past five years and have fallen in love with scenery, restaurants and forward thinking this area has to offer. I moved here in the fall of 2005 and in my third year at the JC I had the pleasure of attending the Sustainable Enterprise Conference for the first time. I was inspired by the people and ideas I came across and I am so excited to be larger part of the conference this year as a volunteer.

In the fall of 2009 I transferred to Sonoma State University where I began my Bachelor of Art's degree in the Environmental Studies and Planning Department and decided to dual major with Economics to insert some realism into my idealistic ways.

I am excited for the culmination of my degree this spring, and I look forward to my adventures as an advocate for all things sustainable, green, profitable and socially responsible!

Please feel free to contact me for a full resume if you are interested in hearing more:

Organizational Information
Student of Environmental Studies, Planning & Economics
Sustainable Enterprise Conference Volunteer