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Marlene Soiland

Marlene began working at age 13 for her family’s underground pipeline construction company, Soiland Co., Inc. In 1978, after graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, she returned to work for Soiland Co., Inc. In the mid 1980’s, she became Office Manager and soon became Chief Financial Officer, overseeing insurance, accounting and tax return preparations, negotiating labor contracts, and supervising investments of corporate pension & profit sharing plans as Trustee.

Soiland Co., Inc. changed operations in the late 1980's by moving out of public contracting and into development of land for related entities. The company continued to own Healdsburg Sand & Gravel, Stony Point Rock Quarry, Shiloh (a 2700 acre residential development) and Northwest Regional Industrial Park (a 100 acre commercial development). Marlene’s duties expanded into all aspects of development, including land acquisition, land use planning, design and construction of infrastructure improvements, marketing/sales/development of the finished product, property leasing and design and construction of new commercial buildings, as well as human resources, finance, legal and accounting required for 2 operating businesses.

In 1992, Marlene started Soiland Management Co., restructuring and transferring all administrative employees from Soiland Co., Inc. Soiland Management Co. manages approximately $10,000,000 in commercial and residential properties for related entities, as well as overseeing all financial and employee resource functions for Soiland Co., Inc dba Stony Point Rock Quarry, Soils Plus, and Grab N’ Grow Soil Products.

Sonoma County Innovation Council, Co-Chair of the Economic Climate Action Committee, promoting business retention programs to Sonoma County cities and county government.

Sonoma County Alliance, Chair of Environmental Committee, member of Infrastructure Committee, member of Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The Alliance is a coalition of business, agriculture, environmental, labor organizations as well as individuals committed to protect private property rights, to encourage a healthy economy, to maintain a sound environment, and to promote a responsive political process.

Institute for Family Business, member of Advisory Counsel. Their mission is to provide educational opportunities and a forum for family-owned businesses to develop solutions to their unique business challenges.

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