Tracey Grose

Advisor on the Green Economy

Tracey advises business and public leaders on technology-driven economic change. Better understanding how markets, the economy, technology and personal preferences are transforming offers a glimpse into potential paths to success in the future.

Tracey has a knack for framing complex ideas and relationships for broad audiences and busy leaders. She has designed innovative analyses and engagement processes that have helped business and public leaders better understand how markets and the economy are transforming and where new opportunities are emerging. Consulting in the US and internationally, she is fluent in German and has a working proficiency in French.

Topics of expertise include: the on-demand economy, innovation hubs and cross-border partnerships, new tech-enabled business models, structural economic change, the digital economy, energy transition, novel application of technology in the developing world, and regional economic strategy.

Combining well-honed analytical skills, creativity and contextual understanding, Tracey’s work yields new understanding about persistent issues and emerging opportunities.

  • Tracking the bifurcating trend of formal employment and independent agency for over the last decade, her recent work sheds light on the diverse and elusive space of the on- demand economy.
  • She has developed new methods for examining the intersection of the economy and the environment. Leveraging over 1TB of the Green Establishment Database which tracks businesses (and jobs) providing products and services that reduce or reverse negative environmental impacts.
  • In a fresh take on global competition that highlights mutual gains over zero-sum thinking, she developed new methods for tracking global flows of talent, ideas and capital.

Tracey currently serves as Chair to California State Controller Betty Yee’s Council of Economic Advisors. She is member of the board of directors to SalesPhase, a CRM software startup. She serves as the Co-Chair for the Cleantech Industry Group of the German American Business Association. She also authors a blog on the Ford Foundation’s platform on emerging technology and practices that support agile and low-emission development in cities in the developing world. Formerly, as Vice President, Tracey directed research and operations at the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. Tracey has a Masters degree in Political Science with minors in Economics and Sociology from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany.

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