Judith Ford, PhD


Dr. Judith Ford serves in dual roles as Lecturer of Sustainable Strategy in the School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University and Director of Bio-Regional Development for Sustainable North Bay. At the intersection of these roles, she leads the North Bay Forward Initiative focused on Systemic, Place-Based Planning for a Sustainable, Resilient Future.

Dr. Ford is an interdisciplinary scholar, writer, practitioner and teacher of international marketing, strategy and environmental communication with twenty years of broad, multinational academic, commercial and advocacy experience, creating and implementing new and complementary marketing programs, courses, strategies and positions to fill gaps in existing structure and knowledge. She has directed marketing research, strategic development and communication consultancy projects for new market planning, identity and collateral development for a variety of private, public and non-profit entities; developed worldwide market segmentation strategies; written project stories, articles and speeches for industry conferences; created industry-first standards on Design Ecology; developed and implemented multi-national marketing plans in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Dr. Ford has developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in strategic and international marketing, business communication, rhetorical analysis, strategy, global studies, international business, cultural literacy, food systems and local economies, international, intercultural and environmental communication in academic, non-profit, political and commercial settings, emphasizing corporate social responsibility, innovation and a global context. She brings current, solid research, publications, guest speakers, case studies, field experience opportunities and teaching tools in all of these areas. Besides her interdisciplinary PhD in global environmental strategy, she holds a International MBA and a Bachelor of Communication with a Minor in Psychology.


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