Claudia Sisomphou

Student Leader

Hello! My name is Claudia Sisomphou and I am a senior at Sonoma State University. I am an Environmental Studies and Planning Major with a concentration in Planning, and I am a Computer Science Minor. I am a first generation American and the first of my family to go to college, and I have lived in Sonoma County my entire life. This is my third year as the Activist in Residence for our Center for Community Engagement, and I am currently serving my second term as the Senator of Sustainability for our AS Student Government.

I am particularly passionate about teaching environmental consciousness and learning how to use behavioral instincts, art, and social norms to aid us in this movement towards sustainability. I am also passionate when it comes to the social justice aspect of sustainability and how race, gender, socioeconomic class, and the environment we live in play a role in how we as individuals view our relationship with nature and with each other.

Another incredibly important aspect to my work is advocating for the right to an accessible and affordable quality higher education for all. We know that those who face the most social injustice are also most vulnerable to environmental injustice. We cannot expect to have productive conversations about these huge, interconnected issues without including all the stakeholders of our decisions. Whether you are fighting for social justice, funding for higher education, environmental justice and protection, or raising the minimum wage, there are simple things that you can do today to take control of what your money supports and what kind of society you want to live in.

Alone the choices we make may feel insignificant, but together we are the ultimately who determines the market, the priorities of the country, and the state of our environment.

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