Gary Quackenbush

With five decades of experience as a business writer, marketing and crisis management consultant, Gary Quackenbush has served as an corporate editorial staff supervisor for AT&T, as an executive vice president of General Cellular Corporation and its Media Services Division, as well as a vice president and general manager of several leading public relations and investor relations firms based in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. 

Throughout his career, Gary has helped more than 150 organizations tell their stories, launch new products and manage corporate reputations.  

He landed his first job as a copy editor for the Wall Street Journal in the 1960’s, while also serving as a radio news announcer, before joining AT&T in Washington, D.C.

In the 1980’s he formed two graduate schools at Golden Gate University in San Francisco -- an MBA degree program in Telecommunications Management, and an MS degree program in Public Relations and Public Affairs.

Since 2000, he has been a special correspondent for the North Bay Business Journal.  In his spare time, he has authored and co-authored online and hard cover books for firms in the business community and maintains a public relations practice serving a number of clients in the North Bay. 

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