Rachel F. Ginis

Nonprofit Leader

Rachel Ginis’ degree in anthropology focused on global housing patterns. Her advocacy efforts and career as a LEED accredited designer and general contractor concentrated her efforts to create more sustainable housing practices, responding to changing social patterns, climate change, and resource limitations.  It was, however, a life changing event that led her to develop an innovative model for flexible infill housing that offers a more affordable housing option to both homeowners and renters, and to found a nonprofit to help redevelop the way we are living in our homes.

Rachel has a broad knowledge of the intersection between development and policy, and realizes that policy is a crucial component in the shift to sustainable practices.  She has become a strong supporter of sustainable initiatives at the local, state, and federal level, and has successfully established her flexible housing model in local permitting code.  Rachel is working to advance this housing solution and institute the model in state law (AB-2406 Author: Thurmond) in order to create diverse, self-reliant communities and a healthier world for our children and generations to come. 

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