Larry Tackett

Larry grew up in a farming family in Arkansas that had a strong commitment to land stewardship and conservation. This deeply ingrained value has guided his work and career. Joining The Hunger Project in 1985 as an Ending Hunger Briefing Leader, he began to see the relationship between environmental degradation and hunger. In 1986, with funding from Hands Across America, he engaged the city of Little Rock, Arkansas to create a "Strategic Plan to End Hunger and Homelessness in 10 years." The Hunger Project then asked him to lead their People-to-people Initiative, a project to generate the conversation for "Taking care of our own in the United States." This led to working in England and Kenya to implement environmentally sustainable technologies in the industrial development process.
Returning to the US in 1990 he has involved himself in local environmental organizations and projects in the North Bay, serving as a founding member and president of Sustainble Novato and on the board of Sustainable Marin. He also served on the Steering Committee of the Venture Greenhouse, continuing his support for the role that conscious business can play in meeting the challenges of climate change.
Larry has supported the Sustainable Enterprise conference as a volunteer for the past 8 years. He is Founder of One Earth Enterprise, LLC, a membership based company set up to support individuals and communities to organize themselves in networks of support for meeting the health and financial challenges of our aging population. 


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