Steffen Kuehr

Founder & CEO, TekTailor, Inc.

Steffen Kuehr is Founder and CEO of Santa Rosa based TekTailor, Inc., a Benefit Corporation dedicated to creating sustainable textile and apparel manufacturing jobs in Sonoma County. Under the new consumer brand "Sonoma-USA" TekTailor creates unique and purposeful products from materials diverted from local landfills. Steffen has been involved in the local cutting and sewing industry since early 2010, when he joined his father-in-law’s manufacturing business BPE-USA as Chief Operating Officer. In his pre-manufacturing days, Steffen worked in the mobile internet and mobile telecommunications sector across Germany, the UK, Austria and the US for twelve years and also co-founded - a worldwide travel guide and travel community website. Steffen lives in Marin County and is a proud and busy daddy of three: Niki (2), Vandad (4.5) and Theia (6).

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