Ariel Greenwood

Herdess with Holistic Ag

Ariel Greenwood is a young agrarian who has been working in sustainable agriculture since 2006. Over time, she began to see the connection between healthy grasslands, good soil, and a livable planet, so she transitioned from vegetable production to animal agriculture in 2014. Since then, she's been grazing cattle with Holistic Ag, a regenerative ranching company that partners with conservation-oriented landbases to maintain and restore their grasslands through planned grazing.

Ariel is a champion of the neopastoral revolution. When she's not moving cattle on Pepperwood Preserve's 4000 acres, she's caring for the orchard at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, organizing her fellow graziers, and selling beef--the delicious byproduct of Holistic Ag's grazing work--to customers who want to play an active hand in restoring their bioregions.

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