Dr. Elaine Wellin

Professor Emeritus Elaine Wellin received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and has been teaching in universities for over 25 years, currently in the Sociology Department, Sonoma State University. She is an environmental sociologist with teaching and research interests in community and workplace change, environmental sociology, aging and society, social stratification, social change, and research methods, among others.

Dr.Wellin works with community environmental action nonprofits and has extensive experience in the small business sector. Before returning to the university for her Ph.D. and a new career in college teaching, she owned and operated Western Reserve Publishing Services, an editorial and research/consulting firm for the U.S. publishing industry.

 As Executive Director of the Northern California Earth Institute (NCEI), and with associates, Dr. Wellin is resurrecting an environmental nonprofit organization that seeks to help small companies and administrators ‘green your business by greening your staff.’ Climate discussion and action groups work in schools, businesses, community organizations, and faith-based institutions to promote personal and local community action toward sustainability. Recruited by Debora Hammond of SSUs Hutchins School, the organization’s former executive director, and following a model from the Northwest Earth Institute, Portland, OR, NCEI is working in university classes, in a faith-based retreat center, with the United Nations Association of Sonoma County, and other local, community groups to ‘bridge the say-do gap’ by promoting resilience to mounting global climate effects and action toward sustainable environmental practices.

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