Alexandra Fox

Alexandra Fox is the Sustainability Manager at Straus Family Creamery located in Petaluma, CA. She has an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California and a B.A. in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Agriculture from UC Santa Cruz. She has consulted and worked for a variety of food related businesses from start-ups to non-profits, working with them on business strategy, operations, and sustainability. She also serves on the board of the Leadership Institute for Ecology and The Economy, which is headquartered in Santa Rosa.

A self-proclaimed food guru, Alexandra is passionate about creating locally resilient food systems that give farmers a larger share of the food dollar and support sustainable farming methods that work with the natural environment. She views business as a tool for positive change and believes we can transform business to transform the world. In her spare time she enjoys being out in nature, hiking, practicing yoga, traveling, visiting farms and farmer’s markets, and eating and cooking great local, organic food!

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