Lucas Oshun

Local Roots Global Branches

Lucas graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with degrees in Community Studies and Politics with emphasis on youth leadership and international relations. After a year backpacking in Latin America, with his brother Jasper he founded the non-profit organization Global Student Embassy in Sebastopol in 2008. Lucas has served as Executive Director ever since and over the past 6 1/2 years has overseen the reforestation of 34,000 trees, the building of 23 school gardens and the participation of more than 900 students on GSE's international exchange programs. GSE now has a strong team of 14 full time staff across 3 countries and more than 2,000 students participate in local high school based leadership programs annually between USA, Nicaragua and Ecuador. Lucas is motivated to help young people realize their power and potential as agents of positive change. GSE's annual budget for all programs is currently 75% funded by enrollment in GSE's international programs.

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