Michael Giotis

Each new sustainable enterprise seeds the transformation to a truly viable economic system.

As the Director of Strategic Development for Sustainable North Bay, Michael Giotis’ role is to join together diverse perspectives in a dialogue to create opportunities for sustainable enterprises in the North Bay. His guiding principle in this work is human scale development, seeking and supporting enterprises that understand that development means more than profit.

Professionally, Michael is a strategy facilitator and business process designer, helping organizations use the collective wisdom of their members to identify shared values and strategies to achieve them, then designing workflow and execution systems to achieve those goals in a healthy, rewarding work environment. He has worked with values-driven organizations in domestic and international enterprise, local government, and education.

As CEO of the DHI Medical Group, Michael oversaw the international expansion of a world-leading group of hair restoration clinics into the Indian and US markets, moves that increased the revenues of the company by several times. During more than a decade with the company, he built lifelong relationships with consumers and partner businesses using both a technical and personal approach to demonstrating value and learning.


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