Kameron Witham

Lab scientist turned impassioned conservationist.

My interest has shifted from the human immune system to the health of our planet. I’m a Sales Intern at Performance Management Institute. PMI's goals are to: provide a framework for company leaders to see where there are hidden losses, how they can strategically address those with new value-creating activities, and how to consider ways to more efficiently use resources and reach customers. My BS is in microbiology and molecular biology and I intend to approach this consulting position from a scientific mindset. I hope my knack my precision and thoroughness will ultimately have a positive impact on the environment. For example, projects I'd like to start include: reducing electricity needs by installing roof gardens, using grey-water friendly soap and having sink water used in irrigating company landscape, reformatting that landscape to provide edible foods. Though my initial focus is on businesses, helping communities to think creatively to reduce resource waste is a strong passion of mine as well. 

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