Caitlin Cornwall

Sonoma Ecology Center

Caitlin Cornwall is a native of Sonoma County. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in biology (UC Berkeley) and a Master’s Degree in plant biology (Arizona State University). Caitlin’s technical background includes wetland and riparian ecology, management, and restoration, with an emphasis on the effects of land use on natural ecosystems. She has been with Sonoma Ecology Center since 1998. Current topics of interest include watershed health indicators, climate adaptation, terrestrial habitat connectivity, green infrastructure, partnership building, and community-based conservation strategy.

Caitlin is active with North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative—where she is on the coordinating committee and co-chairs the Stewardship Working Group—North Bay Watershed Association, and the Bay Area Watershed Network. Caitlin led development of a water sustainability scorecard for Sonoma Creek and Napa River watersheds; helped develop scalable sustainability indicators, targets, and metrics for the California Water Plan; and developed recommendations for North Bay water agencies to help them produce more water projects that have multiple benefits.

Organizational Information
Biologist, Research Program Manager