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Karen Foley

Time Magazine anointed Karen Foley, a Foodie when they featured her in a cover story, “The Simple Life” after she purchased a historic grocery store in St. Paul, Minnesota after leaving her corporate job as VP of Operations for a major specialty retail chain.

She proceeded to grow her company into an eight-restaurant group. With properties in Minnesota and California she realized after a decade of simple, she had built corporate and opted to divest her restaurant interests and explore the Internet.

 Foley launched her first restaurant Internet site in 2000. It was Foley's passion for the food industry that led her to Wine Country where she became the Corporate General Manager of Oakville Grocery stores.

Foley moved on to become Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a Napa, California based gourmet food manufacturing company. Over the years of working closely with small artisan purveyors, owning and operating independent restaurants, and working closely developing product lines for major retailers in food manufacturing, Karen realized the needs of small to mid-size food related businesses faced in acquiring capital to grow their business.  She further realized that capital may be the first key ingredient but support from other industry professionals would allow these businesses to grow in a healthy and scalable way.  Foley's expertise and leadership skills directly coincide with her instinctive sales and marketing vision to assist food related companies grow within an ever change retail marketplace.

Karen Foley is the founder of Foodie Crowd Funding and internet based site launching in May 2013 that assists small to mid-size food related businesses with capital support funding. FCF is based in Sonoma, CA.

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