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The name Lanier has been a consistent part of the travel and lodging industry for over a quarter century. It was roughly 28 years ago that Pamela Lanier founded Bed and Breakfast Inns and Guesthouses International, a membership organization for small and independent lodging worldwide that grew to include over 8,500 members in 117 countries. From this membership organization stemmed a directory-style book titled, The Complete Guide to Bed and Breakfasts, Inns and Guesthouses, which has been published by Lanier Publishing International annually for 28 years. It wasn’t long before Lanier Publishing established the sites,,,,  which have enjoyed as many as one million visitors per month. Ms Lanier is also the author of Elegant Small Hotels, Family Travel and Resorts, Cinnamon Mornings cookbook series (8 cookbook titles), Condo Vacations, and Sustainable Travel and Eco Resorts (co-authored by Dr. David Edgell, introduction by Stanley Selingut), and over 100 other books on travel and tourism.  Year after year, Pamela and her team develop a myriad of publications and services to serve the lodging and tourism community. 

In the past several years, Pamela has shifted her focus from the topics of successfully running and marketing a small lodging establishment to growing concerns for sustainable development and running a green business. In 2010, Pamela accepted an invitation to undergo the Geo Ambassador training from National Geographic. Since 2000, she has focused her personal travels on eco lodging and has dug deep for best practices and products. Pamela knows what works for travelers, and she knows how to market it.

By her own reckoning, Pamela has visited and toured over 1000 lodging properties. She brings a strong sensibility of what guests want and need in a travel experience, perhaps unparalleled and bolstered by feedback from the 55,000 opt-in members of Lanier Publishing’s travel e-newsletter. During the course of Ms Lanier’s travels she has had the opportunity to visit and explore a number of different types of ecologically sensitive travel experiences such as Maho Bay Campground and Harmony Cottages, which used the latest and best waste recycling, water reclamation and conversion technologies. In 2010, she traveled aboard The Eric, flagship for Eco Ventura, in the Galapagos, getting a firsthand look at one of the principle examples of sensitive larger-scale tourism. On a trip to the Tiwi Islands, Pamela was exposed to an encapsulated tourism experience; dawn to dusk visitation only is allowed on these islands. This creates an interesting paradigm that may be useful in other areas where extensive contact with the stakeholders and their culture is not desired. Pamela also has hands on experience in off-the-grid living, having spent 3 winters in the Denali wilderness in a fly-in/hike-in lodge where she took part in creating a root cellar, and helping to erect a wind generator. 

Pamela has written several articles that have been published in the Cornell Quarterly on specialty lodging and tourism. It is an interest that each of these articles brought the voices of many to the discussion where Pamela chose to act as editor/moderator.

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