Jim Happ

Jim Happ has a background in manufacturing that spans 27 years.  Jim joined Labcon North America in 1992 and served as Inventory/Production Manager until being promoted to Vice President in 1994 and President in 2003.  Jim’s commitment to developing environmentally sensitive solutions, leads Labcon in the concept of engineering “eco-efficient” operations and environmentally friendly products.  This has resulted in improved packaging and the deployment of more recycled plastics, refillable packages, and reusable racks.  It has also led to a number of patents, category-leading products, and partnerships with companies who embrace a sustainable vision.  

In 2010 Labcon purchased their facility in Petaluma, making the long term commitment to manufacturing in the North Bay. In 2011, Labcon installed an 800kw solar array which produces 30% of the company’s power.  Also, In 2011 Labcon received the Presidential “E” Award for U.S. Exporters.  This is the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for making a “significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.” Labcon currently manufactures four million pieces per day with 35% of the products being exported to 57 countries. 

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